It began long ago when the flag was raised for the first time…nothing but frontier before us.

We were pioneers.

As the expedition wore on, we set the pace. A steady rhythm. A predictable pattern of movement. Predictable. Repeatable. And so it went on like this. A rhythm that turned pattern that turned predictable. All of a sudden, our frontier had ruts. Our stakes stayed longer, and then remained. We were settlers.

Life was good. Our leaders didn’t spend their days ahead of us. They were beside us. Teaching us about the settlement. And we listened. And we maintained. And we settled. And the pattern became a fixture of time and space. And the journey was done. But the movement never stopped.

There is still a vast frontier before us. This flag may be tattered and well used, but she still flies. Reminding us that the movement began long ago. We have so much more to discover.And we will.

Because the movement has already started. We will lead this settlement out of her ruts. We will pull hard on these stakes and set out. We are pioneers. Never Settle.



It’s a commitment to being true to the one you were born to be. To follow a conviction that drives your thoughts, words and actions further to serve a need. A will that will forge new perspectives, overcome what’s always worked and define new ways to make it happen. To be paid in a currency that is measured by transition not just treasure. A lifestyle, that puts all of your history, passions, convictions and crafts to work as you lead your movement and have an enduring impact on the world around you.