Develop Your Leaders

Design and construction industry managers are facing more challenges now than ever – unforeseen market disruptions, a global pandemic, recessionary cycles, regulatory confusion, project setbacks, and the need to develop a strong leadership team. These challenges provide your greatest opportunity to develop your existing managers into leaders and identify new ones.

Develop Your Team of Pioneering Leaders
  • Need to identify and develop new leaders?
  • Need your team to take ownership of revenue and profit?
  • Not maximizing your team’s potential?
  • Need leaders who fully engage and inspire their teams?
  • Need leaders to effectively manage across generations?
  • Focused on winning projects vs. developing partnerships?

The Pioneering Leader Experience

Get the training you need to take your leaders from good to great, and equip them to tenaciously focus on meeting the changing needs of your industries, markets, and clients. You’ll build a team of consistent and inspiring leaders driven by their passion for winning and delivering projects, recruiting great people, and developing teams that grow the firm. Highly complicated times require the mindset, behaviors, and actions of a Pioneering Leader.

Develop Purpose-Driven, Servant Leaders Who:

  • Are passionately guided by their personal Purpose and Vision.
  • Daily live their Purpose and empower their team to do the same.
  • Embrace vulnerability and leverage their influence as a leader.
  • Cultivate a culture focused on mentoring, nurturing, and coaching.

Stay on track, engage others, and empower your team to effectively serve clients, grow your company, and impact the market.

Self-discovery and personal leadership are used to cast a clear vision and develop a personal plan for your life and career.

Set the direction and tone for your team by focusing their passion, efforts, and manpower on serving the needs in your market, industry and communities.

The Pioneering Leader Experience Offers:

  • A toolkit of 20+ tools, templates, resources, and systems
  • New Skills, Tools, and Behaviors developed through practice and implementation
  • Facilitators who are industry experts and professional guides
  • Just-in-time learning via pre-workshop video guides
  • Confidential and Safe Learning Environment
  • Real-Time Leadership Practice and Development
  • Real-Time Implementation and Opportunities to Test Ideas

Training Options


For Peers

A Bootcamp with Industry Peers
  • Peer-to-peer learning experiences
  • Transformational learning discussions
  • Meaningful networking with other industry leaders
  • Professional and social network expansion


For Teams

Customized to your organization’s purpose, vision, and values
  • Replicate or scale throughout your organization
  • Create an autonomous cohort of leaders
  • Provide support and accountability
  • Strengthen trust and relationships among peers
  • Experiential and hands-on learning
  • Initiates international long-term mentoring