Build a Purpose-Driven High-Impact Organization
P10 Planning for Teams equips managers to understand how the organization’s purpose, vision, and roadmap applies to them, their team, market, and plan. Executives  implant this program to ensure their managers are fully equipped and empowered to strategically develop their team and  build their division to achieve their portion of the company’s plan.

This program is designed for existing & emerging managers who want to:

  • Understand the deeper needs and their team’s impact on the market and community
  • Identify and qualify their ideal customers
  • Develop a holistic solution focused on partnerships vs. projects
  • Inspire people and build their team
  • Implement adequate processes, systems, and tools
  • Integrate leadership development and test ideas
  • Make real-time decisions, practice, and implement new solutions
  • Keep their teams on track, accountable and making progress with a strategic cadence

The Goals of P10 Planning for Teams:

P10 Planning for Teams equips managers to inspire people, lead their teams, and build their divisions in order to serve their markets.

Grounded in the 4 Degrees of Leadership™, managers continue developing as Pioneering Leaders. Each manager:

  • Defines a vision for their leadership
  • Develops a roadmap/plan for their team
  • Develops and deploys a leadership and team
    cadence or routine
Managers continue developing their leadership skills using activities between workshops to engage their teams in conversation and request input on the topics within each of the P10 Practices. In addition,

  • Insight and inputs are sought from customers,
    prospects, and team members.
  • Managers simultaneously develop and deploy
    their team’s plan.
  • Outcomes provide the basis for future team
    training and development.