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Equipping Design & Construction Executives

to navigate market disruptions and innovate business solutions to better meet client needs.

Develop & Identify Existing Leaders

Equip High Impact Teams

Identify & Convert Markets

7 Critical Decisions
Design-Build Leaders Must Make

2020 was the year of disruptions; 2021 & 2022 are the years of transition; 2023 – is GO TIME! Needs of markets & Owners are radically changing. Industry sectors & geographic markets are extremely volatile. The need for design-build teams and new holistic solutions are critical. However, developing teams, choosing & eliminating markets, and accurately delivering projects is more complex than our current teams are prepared for. Design-Build leaders will be equipped with an evaluation tool to evaluate themselves and how well they are making and implementing 7 decisions to optimize the triple bottom line.

2023 is GO TIME!

In 2022, leaders have a rare opportunity to significantly change the trajectory of their organization.

Our world is transitioning from a string of disruptions to a new normal. This transition drives chaos and in moments of chaos Pioneering Leaders & Teams are able to uproot, entrench competitors, and better serve new customers.

We do this by serving 3 needs

Need More
Unlock & Prepare leaders to
maximize their potential and empower others to do the same.
Need to Scale
Your Business?
Equip & Deploy teams who
empowered to show-up daily and
lead the charge
Need to
Predict Your Markets?
Forecast & interpret how
shifts in the market will affect your clients and change business plan
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