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Equipping Design & Construction Executives

to navigate market disruptions and innovate business solutions to better meet client needs.

Develop & Identify Existing Leaders

Equip High Impact Teams

Identify & Convert Markets

Next Workshops

Following the DBIA National Conference

November 4 - 5, 2021

Following the DBIA National Conference in Denver at the Gaylord. During this event leaders will be equipped with new tools and insights that will enable them to lead high impact teams

7 Critical Decisions
Design-Build Leaders Must Make

2020 was the year of disruptions; 2021 is the year of transition; 2022 – is GO TIME! Needs of markets & Owners are radically changing. Industry sectors & geographic markets are extremely volatile. The need for design-build teams and new holistic solutions are critical. However, developing teams, choosing & eliminating markets, and accurately delivering projects is more complex than our current teams are prepared for. Design-Build leaders will be equipped with an evaluation tool to evaluate themselves and how well they are making and implementing 7 decisions to optimize the triple bottom line.

At DBIA National Conference
November 1-3, 2021

2022 is GO TIME!

Presented by DeWayne Ables

In 2022, leaders have a rare opportunity to significantly change the trajectory of their organization.

Our world is transitioning from a string of disruptions to a new normal. This transition drives chaos and in moments of chaos Pioneering Leaders & Teams are able to uproot, entrench competitors, and better serve new customers.

We do this by serving 3 needs

Need More
Unlock & Prepare leaders to
maximize their potential and empower others to do the same.
Need to Scale
Your Business?
Equip & Deploy teams who
empowered to show-up daily and
lead the charge
Need to
Predict Your Markets?
Forecast & interpret how
shifts in the market will affect your clients and change business plan
Pioneer iQ has experts who provide content and keynote presentations nationally for: