Build a Purpose-Driven High-Impact Organization

The design and construction industry plays a vital role in shaping our society, but we are not reaching our fullest potential. Our extreme focus on building, hitting deadlines, and making profits has exposed a critical weakness in how we treat people and manage our companies. The people in our industry have a deep desire to connect with what they build, who they build with, and whom they build for. They want to be a part of something significant and fight for more than just a paycheck.

Most companies had a vision and plan timed be achieved in 2020. 2020 also provided leaders with several disruptions that are now driving long-term opportunities.

Markets are shifting. Needs are changing. Is your plan evolving?

P10 Planning for Companies is a system that equips executives to provide clear direction for their company.

  • Uncover the significant need your organization serves
  • Defines a vision around your long-term impact on families, communities, and market
  • Clearly define a roadmap to plan the journey
  • Define beliefs that shape & maintain your culture

In order to adequately prepare executives for mission-critical decisions Pioneer iQ will provide executives with tools, scripts, and forecasts to fully understand the changing needs of their market and communities. The beginning of your journey will start by gathering insights from:

  • Front-line employees to uncover innovative solutions
  • Existing Customers understand their changing needs
  • Potential Prospects to discover new opportunities
  • Pioneer iQ Economists & Market Analysts to forecast & prioritize your markets

In 2021, leaders have a rare opportunity to significantly change the trajectory of their organization. Our world is transitioning from a string of disruptions to a new normal. This transition drives chaos and in moments of chaos Pioneering Companies are able to uproot, entrench competitors, and better serve new customers.

Pioneering Companies are obsessively focused on how the needs of their clients are changing, and how to quickly evolve their service offerings to pivot and pioneer their own path.