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Episode 4: Q2 Overview

Join DeWayne and Keith in this episode of PioneerCast™ as we share the market overview for Q2 and explore how this quarter indicates an upward trend in the services side of the economy which will kick-in during the second half of ‘21.

How is the new Delta Variant affecting the supply chain? How are the different industry sectors performing and at what speed? We cover these queries in depth with market intelligence. 

Additionally, we rank the top 30 construction markets so that you can understand the changes that each of those geographic markets are experiencing. How more productive are you when you and your team can apply your energy and resources appropriately?

Your leaders are experts in designing and building our communities. We are experts in forecasting, monitoring, and qualifying new markets so you can convert market disruptions and trends into more partnerships and projects.  Pioneer iQ Market Intelligence™ equips executives to make proactive strategic decisions with proficiency, speed, and confidence for their team.  If you find this episode helpful and need a solution ongoing, Customize your Market Intel™ solution.  The transition is now. “Go Time” is now.  Are you equipped?