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Defining A COVID-19 Timeline & Action Plan

This 6-Week Webinar Series will provide a framework for leaders to:

  1. Define a Timeline for YOUR Market (and update it weekly)
  2. Develop Immediate Action Plan to Innovate & Navigate your team through the uncertain present and prepare for new opportunities.

Fear + Uncertainty = Paralysis. That choice & equation doesn’t have to be a reality for the AEC industry, especially design and construction leaders with enough courage to innovate and adapt with their clients. This session will equip you with insights and tools to assess the needs of your market, innovate and build a crisis and recovery plan.

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Market Intelligence Expert, Keith Prather will brief attendees weekly on new data and trends that will affect the timing of the market and impact on Pioneer’s IQ’s Fear and Recovery Curve model. Understanding how our nation’s fear response will evolve and trigger opportunities that will drive construction.

Sr. Strategist, DeWayne Ables will define a crisis & recovery planning process equipping leaders to empower their teams, capture insights from clients, innovate, prioritize and deploy a holistic solution to serve the changing needs of the market.

NOW is the time understand how the needs of your market are changing, innovate your solution and quickly deploy it!
• Equip your leaders to timeline the recovery in your market
• Get weekly economic & market insights to maximize opportunities effecting construction
• Deploy tools with your team to capture insights from your clients and prospects
• Implement a planning process to innovate, prioritize and prepare your team
• Connect your team to the needs of the market and their potential impact on their community

Launching Week of April 6th

Cost: $2500 Per Company

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