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Episode 2: Commercial Office Space

Join us in this episode of PioneerCast™ as we tackle the mass amount of confusion regarding the disruption in commercial office space, discuss what other companies are doing about in-office vs. remote working, and so much more… 

With “hoteling” or “hot desking” as a part of the new normal regarding commercial office space usage, shifts toward hybrid-model work behaviors will certainly affect the design, build, and function of new commercial office space.   Are you equipped to get out in front of lasting “need shifts” with your market?

Companies that lag behind today will stay behind tomorrowThis disruption is a massive opportunity to gain marketshare and adjust faster than competitors to the changing needs of your clientele.  Equip your team to assess market shifts with real-time data while Pioneer iQ™ economists and market analysts monitor trends, events, and disruptions 24/7 with Pioneer iQ™ Market Intel.

Allow your company to stay ahead of the curve and better understand your client’s needs. Customize your Market Intel™ solution.  The transition is now. Are you ready for “go time”?