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Episode 1: Social, Economic and Political Impact on Existing Marketing

In this PioneerCast Episode, DeWayne Ables and Keith Prather share conversation around the social, economic and political impact on existing marketing.  For some, 2020 has been labeled the year of opportunity.  2021 is the year of transition.  Meanwhile, leaders are setting their companies up for “go time” in 2022.

Join Founder and President of Pioneer iQ, DeWayne Ables, as he converses with Keith Prather on relevant, timely shifts your company must make this year. Identify market runways, measure your teams effectiveness, and know where to shift plans in this unexpected planning cycle. Learn more about how we can provide customized Market Intel™ here.

If you’ve listened to this PioneerCast or heard President DeWayne Ables mention any of Pioneer iQ’s Market Intel™ solutions in the past, you will remember that this solutions can be tailored to your market needs. Pioneer iQ’s Market Intel™ offers industry-leading research solutions for your forecasting or monitoring your market.

Pioneer iQ™ economists and market analysts monitor trends, events, and disruptions 24/7 to keep you up-to-speed on factors that could shift your business decisions.  Customize your market intel solution here.

Follow future PioneerCast episodes for insights on how to develop your leaders, build your business or research and forecast new or existing markets.